Novel Devices

. Ultra-thin front illumination light guide film for e-reader (e-book)  and  reflective dsiplay.

The NicroTek's front light guide film produces soft, uniform front illumination after the LED is turned on for the reflective-type display, such as electronic reader.The light guide structure is completely not visible after LED light is turned off, does not affect the reading.
Guide film greatly reducing the number of LED's use, does not require a long lead like a traditional side lighting mixing zone, not only front lighting becomes very compact, but also save power consumption.

NicroTeck's patented single (multi-)layer light guide technology so that gets broad domain white lighting and full color spectrum or monochromatic reflected light. The front light guide film can be easily laminated with touch screen, directly attached to the surface of the touch screen, and does not affect the touch effect.

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Ultra-thin light guide light:


2. Flexible transparent electrode (sensor)點擊查看384x279原始圖片...
Transparent conductive circuit for the sensor of touch panel and OLED. The Patterned TCF is a non-ITO film, directly with the touch of the new products of the sensor circuit, a one-time process, which is different from traditional ITO conductive film sensor technology, no longer needed after lithography and etching process. The unique roll-to-roll processing offers a stable,  reliable products,  the prices are more reasonable and non-pollution
To complete the large-size transparent touch sensors, the Patterned TCF applications is simple with flexible thin-film sensor directly OCA laminating and binding process. Thin touch solutions allowing the touch panel with the structure of the two glass touch to further reduce the thickness from 0.4mm to 0.125mm.



Parameters of patterned TCF for replacing FPC

    Transparency: 50% - 87%
    Conductive material: Cu, Ag,
    Conductivity as the same as FPC
    Sheet-resistance: 0.1 ~ 10 ohms/square,
    125um, 188um, PET film
    Printed circuit line-width: 3um to 50um
    Single side and double side circuits

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3. LED Nano-Patterning





SVG Optronics has made the micron-nano photonic crystal  direct-writing system NanoCrystal-8 which can write the periodic structures from 300nm to 3um, lattice or honeycomb.

Nano-patterning is important technology for LED / OLED substrate manufacturing, diffraction spectroscopic devices.

NanoCrystal-8 has a high-speed patterning feature, for example, one 2-inch substrate, writing the 450nm periodic structure, just two minutes.

4. Large-size photomask (SPECIAL mask)
※ photomasks: 0.35um resolution maskless direct writing system can produce graphics linewidth 1um photomask substrate size 4 "- 8"; graphics resolution 0.5um maskless Direct Write System, substrate size: 8 "-24". Substrate: glass, quartz, Si, and the like.

※Patterning: mask exposure line-width due to the proximity is 3 micron, when the need to less than 3 micron production, mask-less direct write is necessary. When direct writing 200nm-1 micron structure,  nanolithography is necessary.




※The hollow mask: graphics resolution 1u, hollow opening >40um, thickness 50um, substrate Ni. The purposes: OLED organic vapor deposition, the microelectrode hollow mask plate, the solar battery halftone: 50um line-width halftone.

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