Ultra-thin light guide plate (LGP) & film (LGF)

 [email protected]"-15.6" for nootbook
1. Why ultra-thin for light guide plate?

 Thinner, more brightness and uniformity
The thickness of  display module of ultra-book is less than 3mm. It  means that the thickness of cover glass and back light module(BLU) should be thinned. Obviously, the thinning of light guide plate in BLU is better solution than the thinning of cove glass in terms of cost, environmental friend. The thickness of  traditional LGP made of PMMA with the injection machine is limited to 0.7mm for 9.7" and 1.0mm for 14" with single-LED-edge-lit, otherwise, the cost of making the slim LGP will be increased rapidly due to the low yield, poor stablity and high investment of machines.  Therefore, the new generation of ultra-thin light guide plate design and manufacturing technology is important on the demand of the industry.
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2. New Technologies of Roll-to-roll Imprinting

The high-brghtness ultra-thin light guide plates( LGPs) as thin as 0.4mm - 0.6mm for 7" to 12.1",  0.7mm - 1.2 mm for 15.6”  to 23.5",  have been mass-produced in NicroTek, holded by SVG Optronics,  since 2012.  
We nvented and established the first  production line of the ultra-thin light guide plate from the concepts to realization in the industries of world through 5 year R&D.  By using ultra-thin LGP of 0.5mm, the thinnest BLU  for Pad and Ultr-book with 10.1" -12.1" becomes a reality.  With the microlens light extraction technology and improved roll-to-roll manufacturing processes, the new LGP are enable backlight units assemblies less than 2.8 mm.  

With the adoption of the cutting-edge technology, micro-optical design method and nano-imprinting technology, the high light-emitting surface uniform and high-brightness(HB) of unltra-thin LGP can be obtained based on single edge-lit LED module or two-side edge-lit LED module. For example, the 0.5mm thickness of 10.1" LGP may be the thinnest LGP in the industries of LED BLU.  
Through the proprietary technologies and related approaches, it will die on the precise optical dots or micro-lens structures on the surface of PolyCarbonate to form the slim light guide plates. NicroTek has been engaged in the LGF and LGF for LED illumination devices from design to realization for slim BLU module.. The thinest light guide plate for 15.6" can be 0.5mm-0.6mm according to the requests. The efficient edge-lit backlights offer thinner packages that  backlight LCDs  can be up to 23.5" in diagonal. 
This type of  UT-LGP  or light guide film(LGF) is high guide efficient, flexible, high temperature resistant, and especially  designed for slim LED backlight of intelligent mobile phones, ultrabook, pad, tablet PC, electronic dictionaries and car navigation instrument. 
More efficiency, Fewer LED and Thinner LGP for PAD, ULTRABOOK & E-READER and monitor.
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3. Applied Products
The ultra-thin LGP has been applied in an array of consumer electronics products, as well as the keypads/keyboards used in mobile phones and laptop and desktop PCs in following brand name products,  
1). Smart Phones,Tablets

2). Notebook
3). Front light guide film for e-reader illumination
4). Keyboards, and Electric comsumpsion devices
5). Monitor
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4. Design and Production Capability 

NicroTek has established a complete of production line for LGF and UT-LGP from the design, micro-structure lithography, molding, prototyping, testament to the roll-to-roll processing, the entire procedures of production are in-house.

The prototyping and mass-production cycle 
Prototyping cycle:  
7 inch :7 days (design confirmation);  
8inch - 10inch: 10days (design confirmation);  
11inch -15.6inch: 15days(design conformation)  
17inch - 23.5inch: 20days(design conformation)
Production capability: 5kk pieces/month or more. 
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5. Advantages of Ultra-thin LGP

The microprisms and microlenses of NicroTek's LGP reduce the number of LEDs required, providing bright, uniform light in a thinner form factor with no hot spots or dark areas. The reduced number of LEDs needed can also mean less material required, resulting in lower manufacturing costs.
1). Ultra-thin LGP for slim Pad and Ultrabook: 0.4mm - 0.6mm for 7" - 15.6" for single edge-lit. For example, 10.1" light guide plate's thickness can be 0.5mm for single edge-lit. The right photo shows that the thickness of ultra-

thin LGP is 0.4mm for 15.6". 
2). LGF for mobile phone, keyboard, electronic instrument and logo lighting: 0.125mm-0.254mm, especially for notebook and ultra-bood's keyboard lighting. The right photo shows the keyboard lighting.
3). The NicroTek's patent of multi-layer LGF is the better solution for the patterned and colorful guiding of LED lighting. The thickness of LGP with micro-dots on the surface is 1.0mm.The mass production for 

width of 600mm UT-LGP with micro-sutructures is becaoming true.  
This kind of LGP as large as 50" is an excellent device to achieve the very brightness flat lamp with warm color-temperature and patterns, shown ad right photo. 
4). Ultra-thin films can also save the space of ultra-book and mobile phone. For the small size of mobile phone, edge-lit backlight with only two LED lamps can be used, and backlight effect is well.   
Performances of LGF  

Materials: PC,PMMA  
Thickness: 0.075mm, 0.125mm, 0.254mm for mobile, keyboard and electronic devices;  0.4mm-0.7mm for Ultra-PC and  Tablets, 0.8mm or above for Monitors   
Max Size: 23.5", designed in accordance with the requirements of customers  
Optical properties of ultra-thin LGP:   
 ?Brightness:6,000- 6,500cd/cm2   
?Uniformity: 85%   
?Reliability: 50 million test compression, low-temperature high-impact.  
?High-temperature and high humidity test,120 ℃  
?Adhesive: post adhesive tape,  
?Brush gum  in accordance with the custom mode   
?Life: three - five years (-5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, RH 10% ~ RH 75%)
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 6. Applications
Flat panel
Ultra-book, tablet, monitor
Smartphone back lighting
Tablet back lighting
e-Reader illumination(Front light guide film)
?Reflective display illumination
?Flexible display back lighting
?Keyboard keys (illuminating logos on devices)
For more information of the light guide devices for LED BLU, please to visit website of Nicrotek: www.nicrotek.com 
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